Friday, August 27, 2010

Go time.

happy friday (:  once again we've made it through another work week!  it's not that work is bad or unbearable, i just hate dragging myself out of bed once 7:30 rolls around. i wake up twenty minutes before i need to and then try to coax my mind into drifting back to sleep but it wrestles back saying its silly to sleep agan. but in the end we must get up.  and that is how my mornings usually pan out.

the flip side to the morning is i'm usually awake first. which means i get the bebes when they first get up so they're full of love and purring mixed with a few face rubs.  this elates me. i hate leaving.. but coming home for lunch is a pretty good high too.  the cats wait in the window and when they see me walk up the driveway they'll flop down and wriggle.  eva will give me her belly. igor doesn't dig on me as much as eva but that's because he's smitten with charles. he'll even come when he calls.

last night charlie asked me if i'd be interested in going to new jersey this weekend. he told me his friend was back from california but only for a blink of time.. so after work today we're packin' up and traveling south.  i'm hoping for a stop at the beach. just to walk in the sand, it'll be eighty something out, i think we should take advantage.

it's a 5 hour road trip.  if it wasn't with charlie, it could potentially be brutal. we tend to have fun on our trips. the radio stays off or barely audible.  we laugh a lot and make plenty of stops.  i think the stops make it more fun.  you can get a quick glimpse of the inhabitants off the highway, can pee, stretch, grab some food, and fuel up.

t-minus one hour and twenty eight minutes till go time.

i'll miss the boogers though.. hmmph.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Paving the Way

happy friday!!

first one of my out school career, so i think its a celebatory kind of day.. but every friday should be treated this way.  (:  i am super excited for this weekend. big plans ahead: sleeping late, having an adventure, loungin' with the kitties, and charlie.. ahh makes me giddy. my fingers are crossed for pleasurable weather.

igor & eva stirred up a bit of trouble this week.  we spotted fleas on one, and sure enough two more popped up on the other.  i was frantic.. even having nightmares.  fleas skeeve me out.  parasitic nasty beings.  i had visions of our apartment being infested and waking up covered.  luckily, it hasn't been that bad.  i had stashed an extra flea repellent in the cat cupboard and split it between the two.  they were quite upset about their oily fur, and managed to lick it off for one another.  we ended up buying a natural chemistry, product that claimed to kill fleas on contact.  it worked!  wretched smell, great results. they finally stopped itching.  we bought more flea and tick repellent that kills the larvae and stuck that on them this morning before work.  

i've been feeling really good about things lately.  i'm super happy with charlie.. he's always looking for ways to make me happy. even if its tackling me and tickling me so i can hardly breathe.  i look forward to going home everyday and wrapping around him. things are working out for us, which is a nice turn around. last year had some huge bumps in the road.. and we've been working at paving them out.  moving into our own place was definitely the right move.  it's comforting to know its just the two of us, we can waltz around in our underwear or play music, cook at 3 in the morning and just live contently.  sometimes, sharing space with others and your significant other is too challenging.  you're always working around someone else's schedule, can't cook in the kitchen when you want, wake to the shower or morning bustle when you don't have to be up for another 45 minutes.. etc. its also nice to know i have someone to rely on.  advice, or support, anything i need, i know i can talk to him about it.  we take care of each other.  

i want to do something extra special this weekend.  as of next week, he'll be starting up school for his final year at school.  i want to soak up the last bit of summer that we can.  maybe petal boating, or a picnic. i got a stellar deal on a picnic basket at a yard sale a few weeks back.. maybe yard sale-ing is in the cards.  who knows, but you can bet your money we'll be laughing most of the time (:

until later..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


it's been a few days.. or a week. quite a bit has been going on in this nook of mine.

eva's doing great.  i can see her getting bigger and bigger even though she's still a peanut.  she's learned to play hide and go seek/tag with me.  the first time i tried it, i could see it being frightening to someone 5.5 inches off the ground. but then it was she who was seeking me out.  it all started when charlie had stepped outside and i had her to myself. i decided to dart behind the bedroom door and then poke my head out and growl imgonnagetchu. she loved it.  she would snake her way from behind her climbing posts, couch, kitchen table, etc until she was pouncing distance from where i was 'hiding'.  when i saw her get close, i'd leap out and she'd flash across the apartment. this goes on until i get tired. she's always rearing to go.  besides coming home to charlie after work, its the best part of my day. (:

that's right. i'm coming home from work.  this is because i have a job.  it's temporary but pays pretty darn well for the time being.  can't argue with that.  i'm a little bummed that it involves so much traveling, but at least we'll have the weekends.. and i'm officially free when the snow will arrive.  i have compiled a list of things i want to get done with this income.. fix our analog canon, buy a new snow riding device, blow up a few prints from our photography course last spring and of course by lots of food for the recipes i'll be making after i purchase the joy of cooking.  i cannot wait.  it will be glorious. of course i'll skip over the really eggy or gross unappetizing ones.  i'll be sure to share the dairy recipes with the kitties.

kitties. yes. another big catch up on.. the girl upstairs moved to utah and left her cat.  his name was colby.  we've been calling him igor. he's all black with brown eyes.  eva's in love with her igor.  she pins him down and cleans his face.  she pins him down and then wrestles him too.  she's teeny in comparison.  we're not sure how old he is.  we're guessing 5-6 months or so.  he's taking his time warming up to us but he loves boxes.  he'll curl up in the toy box and zonk out for a few hours.  he's a good igor.  he too, loves milk.  good thing we checked with the vet and got the green light for giving it to them.

hmm.. a peak into my love nook?  my boyfriend is amazing.  simply the best stuff on earth, sorry snapple.  i came home today and he got me orange juice.  this is a big deal.  i live for orange juice.  i'll drink it with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  it even satisfies my snack cravings.  and there it was, waiting for me in the fridgerator.  and there wasn't a 'did you notice what i did for you' kind of comment.  instead he waited until i noticed.. it made it that much better.  he loves me.  i hope he knows i love him back.  i dooooOooo (:

tah tah.

Monday, August 9, 2010

macaroni & cheese.. please!

the bean bag chair has never really been a comfortable spot for me. i tend to overlook this 'chair' as a last resort or alternative to the bare floor.  but today the bean bag chair is blissful. the right amount of support for my back and wide enough to share. 

Eva's curled up along side of my stomach, stretched out and dreaming.  she moves her mouth and her paws while she dreams.  she has had a big day.  her first trip to the vet.  she did wonderfully.  she got her rabies shot and the doctor told us she would be a sleepy kitty. 

i am looking forward to the rain.  once it breaks it will clear the humidity. and as soon as its gone, i'm going to make macaroni and cheese.  one of our favorites.  i never ate it much as a kid, and when i did it was always made with the orangeish velveeta cheese.  unnatural.  i think eva will be excited.  she likes dairy.  a little too much.

summer is winding down quite rapidly.  i start my first official job a week from today.. and charlie goes back to school in 2 weeks.  when i put it on the calendar it looks a lot closer than saying it in words. this summer has been a smash.  it is part of the reason i wanted to start this, outlooks from nooks and crannies project.  

i got the name from our apartment.  it has 4 windows.  two above our sink and in our only entrance way the door, and the last window is in the bedroom.  we can only look forward or backwards.  i feel as though our apartment is nestled smack in the middle of this old mansion reconverted into a mini complex.  i also wanted to incorporate how a cat sees the world.  they tend to peer out and watch from nooks and crannies.  

eva loves nooks and crannies.  she tries to burrow her round little head into anything.  blankets, between the stove and refrigerator, my armpit, charlie's legs.. just about everywhere.  ball of energy.  she's a lightening bolt as she zips from the bedroom to the doorway... i promised pictures. i think i did.  so here they are..

eva in her mystery triangle

sleepy after her vet visit

 she's a climber (:

have a wonderful day (: 
post more later


Friday, August 6, 2010

A new beginning..

we brought the kitten home to our apartment yesterday. we finally have her all to ourselves.  after the drawn out experience of hunting for a kitten, we are graced with this purrfect, silent meower with eyes that can make a hershey bar melt.  she's lovely.  we named her eva.  

it has been a conflict of emotions storming through my skull the past two days.  we are very excited to have Eva with us, but it has been a bittersweet experience. we had not been expecting to adopt a new member of the family. we were satisfied with our cat, Floyd. 

i was heartbroken when Floyd passed away.  i documented life with Floydie cat pretty regularly with photobooth, digital cameras as well as disposable. Never hesitating to capture his flawlessness. He was our companion.  He traveled the east coast and loved having his belly rubbed.  in simplest terms, he was a rad cat. 

after my boyfriend and i talked, i decided to create a blog of the new adventure we're embarking on by starting our family with the adoption of a pet.  this is his first baby inside.  we will watch her grow, learn her and love her together.  this is my first shared pet.  this is exciting.  an adventure to be had. (:

we adopted Eva on august 4.  we found her at an animal rescue.  she's a peanut. her index card claims she is 3 months old, but she fits in one of our hands.  she is mix of colors.  white and tiger striped fur with a few cheetah-esque spots and white all over.  she even has a few smudges of brown under her chin.  that's her favorite place to curl up for a nap too.. under our chin.  we've caught her there after a nap twice now.

she's a light switch for fun.  she can go from napping to pouncing in a millisecond.  she'll crouch into prey mode and then wiggle her little but back and forth dramatically and then leap in the air and attack the hemp toy charlie has rigged together for her.  she likes the string.  if you don't pay attention to her, she'll rub on your ankles, since its the highest she can get, and then flop on your feet.  who could resist that?

she loves affection.  she gets excited to clean our eyelashes.  she'll help steady herself by placing her dainty white paw on the end of our noses and go in for a good session.  she's very sweet about having strangers give her lovin'.  she'll greet them with a quick nose press and an automatic rumbly purr.  

more later.